Bedlamb is going to be conversations that takes place on a bed covered with cuddly lambs in unusual locations which contrast or compliment conversations about issues surrounding madness. Bedlamb is named in reference to Bedlam, the nickname for the original Bethlem Institution for the care of mad people and also a word that means ‘uproar and confusion’. It also comes from my long term affinity for lambs and sheep as herd animals that are meek and biddable, giving those who control them much, yet needing very little. Lambs represent innocence and sacrifice. In Bedlamb, I will be talking to a range of people about what is madness and why people are going mad, and it will be turned into a film. We have come up with a few locations in London and Great Yarmouth to do this as we are interested in what the ordinary person on the street thinks of madness and the reasons behind it.