Why We Are Doing It

My name is Dolly Sen, I am a writer, filmmaker, artist, performer and activist. I would like to bring section 136 into the world. Section 136 is basically a police power to remove madness from the streets, by detaining those acting in a way that is harmful to itself and others.

But my question is what is madness? We live in crazy-making times, and people are becoming more and more distressed because if it. Psychiatry would like to say it is to do with a broken brain. I say it’s to do with a broken heart. This society breaks our hearts again and again. Khrisnamuti said ‘It is no measure of sanity to be well-adjusted to a sick society.’ Section 136 is me standing up to this sick society using love, rage, art, and sheep.

There are many institutional monsters, but the DWP has a special place in hell for its work in driving people to starvation, death, mental health crisis, destitution and pain. If you want to know a little more about what the DWP are doing, Callum’s List is good place to start.

Go to our page on our first action ‘Broken Hearts for the DWP‘ to see pics and more info.