Sectioning the DWP Action

Sectioning the DWP

Sectioning the DWP
image by Grace Gelder

On the 23rd Sept 2020, me and a few friends ‘sectioned’ the DWP. Sectioning is a mental health term, and is when you remove someone for being a danger to themselves and other people, and putting them in a place of safety. This is being done because the DWP has contributed to the suffering and deaths of thousands of people.

The DWP has not released recently figures relating to deaths, but previously the figure of 10,600 deaths was substantiated by the DWP who have released data to this affect for the period January to November 2011. 

The DWP have revealed that 7,990 disabled people who lodged a claim for person independence payment (PIP) in the five years after the new benefit was launched in April 2013 had died within six months of registering their claim, while also having that claim rejected. Of these 3,680 disabled people – or more than 60 a month – died within three months of their initial PIP applications being rejected by DWP. The most recent starvation linked to benefit cuts is the case of Errol Graham, who weighed 28.5kg when he was found dead.

Also, in attendance was Joy Dove, mother of Jodey Whiting, who took her own life when her disability benefits were stopped when she didn’t attend a work capability assessment because she was in hospital. Joy Dove is seeking a second inquest and justice for her daughter.

The DWP’s callous and brutal policies should not be part of how this society looks after its disabled and unwell, it has become a danger to itself and others. It needs medical intervention. It is ‘unfit to work’.