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Watch Broken Hearts for the DWP

Multiple film festival winner, Broken Hearts for the DWP is a short documentary on how the DWP is driving disabled people to starvation and suicide and how disabled people are fighting back using art, love and rage, funded by Future’s Venture.

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Praise for Broken Hearts for the DWP

Dolly’s film is one of the most important films I have seen in a long time. Urgent, powerful, devastating. We all need to act.” Maxine Peake, Award Winning Actress

“Dolly has the rare gift of an eloquence which speaks clearly and succinctly to us all.” Alison Wilde, Disability Arts Online.

The lack of humanity in decisions and treatment of those caught up in a system that penalises and punishes, not support and sustain us when we have very real needs, breaks hearts on so many levels. Dolly is not afraid to call this out and ensure these issues are not forgotten or made invisible – as the main media are very clearly happy to do.

“This is important work and its aim must be for more people to see it and agitate those in power, those in closed offices and in government to listen and respond.” Ruth Fabby, MBE